Ensuring your windows are safe

Different requirements for windows depend on where your windows are, and how efficiently they have been previously serviced and maintained. Especially with windows, there needs to be certain levels of strength to ensure safety always comes first.

Below are the typical requirements for bay windows:

Single glazing for all listed properties

Windows are designed to be either single or double glazed. Single glazing is generally a requirement when replacing windows in listed properties, as the majority of local listed buildings officers have a strict “no double glazing” policy.

Double Glazing offers many benefits

Double glazing offers much higher levels of heat retention and noise reduction, is a requirement in all new buildings and generally used when replacing older windows in standard properties. The standard type of double glazing used is generally 4/16/4 Low-E (this means 4mm of glazing, a 16mm space and a further 4mm of glazing, with low emissivity or heat loss).

This provides a u value (or heat loss value) as low as 1.4w/m2K, well within current building regulations. 4/12/4 is also available where the gap in the middle is filled with Argon gas.

Slim double glazed units can now be used in within window designs and these offer the benefits of standard types of double glazing whilst giving a much narrower profile (4/4/4 with the space filled with Krypton gas). These are generally more expensive than standard double glazed units but have the benefit of being occasionally accepted by the listed buildings officers.

All glazing has to be toughened in any window which reaches to below 800mm above floor level.

Roof Lights are an alternative choice

With the range of types of windows, one of the most popular amongst modern buildings are windows fitted within the roof. The majority of rooflights are fitted on flat roofs as it is an attractive feature.

Fixed Roof Lights

Roofs like this have to be fitted properly and with the right resources as they can cause a danger. Fixed double glazed units are extensively used to ensure your safety isn’t at risk.

Toughened glass can be used sometimes, however if shattered, it will split into a thousand pieces if the pane was to ever break.