Environmental Policy

Since Spartacus Property began, our company has attached the greatest importance to reducing environmental impact across all activities. Book here to use our services.

Indeed, our goal has always been that our company should have no negative impact to the environment and that our carbon footprint should be neutral.

A tough goal for any company or organisation to achieve but one we strive to achieving every aspect of what we do using every opportunity to improve.

Our achieved targets have included:

  • TRAVEL – To ensure that over 80% of all miles travelled are via public transport and that any journeys that can be done using public transport are done using such method.
  • To ensure that any purchases of any company vehicles for the purpose of delivering services are the most environmentally friendly option available at the time.
  • WASTE – To ensure that 98% of all office waste is recycled using proven recycling sources. We use a rubbish removal service who aims to recycle up to 100% of waste collected.
  • ENERGY – To ensure that any use of energy (over which we have control of supply) is by the most environmentally supplier/utility company in the market place and to commit to change supplier should that change. One way we do this is through solar panels.
  • RECYLCING – All office goods purchased (where a recycled option exists) will be recycled products.

This policy, its organisation and arrangements, are reviewed regularly, modified and updated as necessary and employees notified of amendments. It shall be communicated to all employees, specialist associates and other contractors. Contact us for more information.

Who has helped us?

When working towards these aims, we have had the help from some of Crawley’s best business; one of the most helpful was Veri Clean. Email them at sales@voc-ltd.co.uk.

They provide office, window and carpet cleaning to commercial locations throughout the South East of England. Veri Clean has certainly over performed and exceeded all of our expectations. All of their products used are eco friendly and don’t damage the environment whatsoever. All employees are trained and experienced in handling eco friendly products and how to effectively use them. Find out more.