Guidance Notes

The Inventory report is a fair and accurate report which describes the property’s contents and condition of fixtures,
fittings and the property itself.
This document is no guarantee of the adequacy of, or safety of any such equipment or
contents, merely a record that such items exist in the property as at the date of the Inventory report.

The Inventory only applies to parts of the property that are readily accessible. All other parts of the premises, for
example, attics, lofts, garages, basements and cupboards full of items which are not relevant to the Inventory,
are specifically excluded. The clerk cannot undertake to search in inaccessible places, through overcrowded drawers
or cupboards, nor will the clerk undertake to move any heavy furniture or bulky items. This Inventory has been
prepared for identification purposes only and in no way constitutes a valuation or statement of authenticity.

Unless the Inventory is carried out in daylight hours, the garden and exterior of the premises will not be inspected.

Electrical appliances, machinery, boilers, gas appliances, radiators, water supply and other similar items are NOT
tested. Lighting is solely tested to indicate whether light bulbs are working at time of inventory, check in or check
out, however, this is not an indication that such items are functioning correctly or comply with the relevant safety
regulations. Electrical items may be tested for safety by a qualified electrician only.

Towel, bed linen and other similar items will only be inspected if laundered or in a clean condition.

Burglar alarms and smoke detectors are NOT tested. Meter readings are only taken if meters are located in readily
accessible places, and in any event, these should be checked by the relevant utility company.

Property left in lofts, cellars and locked rooms which have not been listed, are the sole responsibility of the
instructing agent or landlord.

It is the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant, or the respective agent, to agree between themselves the
accuracy of this report. Any dispute over content or description must be registered with Spartacus within 7 working

At Check Out

The Inventory should be fully checked at the end of the tenancy. All personal possessions belonging to tenants should
be removed prior to a check out and the property must be ready for the check out including return of all keys. In the
event that the property has not been prepared for the check out, the appointment will need to be cancelled and a charge
made for re-scheduling the check out will be incurred.

The tenant should ensure that all furniture and other items are returned to their original places as listed on the
original inventory, including any items that have been stored or packed away. This will avoid any charges for
misplaced property.

We strongly advise that the property should be professionally cleaned and left tidy at the end of the tenancy.
Tenants can often be surprised to find the check out report or inventory commenting unfavourably on the standard of
the cleanliness with a further need for cleaning at considerable extra cost.

Bedding and linen should be dry cleaned / laundered, ironed and placed neatly in the appropriate room.

During the check out, the inventory if provided, will be checked and any differences and discrepancies to the original
will be noted. Allowances will be made for general wear and tear. The tenant will be liable to pay for any repairs,
replacement, making good or cleaning ( where necessary ). Any dispute over content or description must be registered
with Spartacus with 7 working days.

REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS – should be defrosted and left switched off and open.

CARPETS AND FLOORING – ideally the carpets should be professionally cleaned prior to the end of the tenancy. Vinyl
and tiled floors should be left clean and free from cracks and tears.

CURTAINS – ideally curtains and net curtains should have been professionally cleaned prior to the end of the tenancy.
Where curtains have been removed during the tenancy they should be re-hung.