Looking after your garden

garden maintenance Getting the most out of your garden

Revamping your garden – Furniture

Sometimes there’s nothing better than heading home after a hard day at work and relaxing in your favourite chair, whether it be a leather recliner, a comfy chaise or a fabric sofa.

It is really the personal touches in a home that can put you at ease, customizing your surroundings according to your personal tastes, this isn’t limited to inside the home.

Taking a meal into the garden on a summer evening on either a glass dining table or round dining table can really change your mood.

So delve into our home décor tips or lighting solutions and have a look at selections of linen pillows, and garden accessories and create an outdoor environment that suits you.

Let your garden express your personality and lifestyle.

Why not liven up your space and give your garden a new style? Upgrading tools, furniture and even plants can improve your lifestyle for the better.

Garden Maintenance 

Making sure your garden is always in good condition is a simple way to improve your property.

Not only is garden maintenance important to keep your property clean and tidy, but it avoids any potential danger caused by poor garden care.

One of the biggest causes of problems in the garden is overgrown shrubs and trees that are difficult to maintain and pose a threat to safety.

Tree maintenance is an important part of looking after the garden.

Whilst it is not always the preferred option, it is often necessary to have trees that pose a potential threat to safety in the garden, or perhaps just interfere with its look, removed in order to resolve any issues they cause in the garden.

If you do choose to get trees or shrubs in your garden removed, it is recommended that you hire a professional tree removalist service.

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Through the Harsh Winter

potted plants Potted Plant Care

Most gardens have an array of potted plants which are generally easy to look after and add an extra bit of life to the area, but people often struggle to look after them, especially in the colder months.

Many plants, especially the tropical or fruit-producing kinds require more care during the winter as there are more susceptible to perishing at this time.

The best thing you can do to avoid this is to bring them inside, whether that is into a greenhouse, or just somewhere in your house that has access to natural light.

Another thing you can do to look after these plants is put animal repellant on the soil to avoid slugs and insects, or even cats and larger animals getting to them.