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Follow our guide to help you understand house surveys, and all associated things including costs, home buyer reports and what survey is suitable for the property you’re looking to buy.

The main purpose of a surveyor coming into a property to analyse it is to understand the condition of the building. If any major problems are found, it will give the buyer a massive advantage of being able to negotiate the asking price lower, or to fix the ongoing issues.

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Types of house surveys

The majority of surveyors will produce three types of surveys – a condition report, building survey and home buyers report.

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 Mortgage valuation

This will be carried out on your mortgage lenders behalf, and not on yours. It will confirm whether or not the amount you’re asking to lend from them is worth the value of the property.  A mortgage lender will request this before making an offer. Despite the advantages of choosing this type of survey, it won’t tell you the condition of the property. Check out more.

Property valuations

RICs condition report

A RIC condition report will give you an overview of the condition of the property and will highlight any issues that arise. This survey will give traffic light ratings for various areas of the property. This type of survey is great if you want reassurance that everything is OK throughout the property. Click here.

Home buyers report

A home buyers report is much more detailed than a RIC condition report. It will highlight all problems that may affect you, such as damp and will provide advice on repairs, maintenance and other aspects of improving the house. In addition, it will point out anything that doesn’t meet current building regulations. Find out more.